Stickers and Candy

For the second time in two months, we traveled as a family to the local polling place to vote the state election.

Rocketman and Bubba tailed me as I hurried to my small cubicle, trying to read through the candidates and watch the kids at the same time. Rocketman began his inquiry as I reread question 2 for the fourth time:

R: What’s the candy?

Me: What?

R: Who’s the candy for?

Me: It’s for anyone that wants it.

R: Can I have some?

Me: I don’t know. Go ask the nice lady and maybe she’ll let you pick one.

R: I’m too shy to go alone. Can you go with me?

Me: No. I’m busy…

Bubba: I wan candy too!

Me: Well, Rocketman, go over there and ask and bring your brother with you.

Both boys retreated as I continued to exercise my civic duty and peek at them simultaneously. Rocketman tried to work up the nerve to approach the table as Bubba (the “shy” one ) marched right up to the middle aged volunteer.

B: Cannndeee?

Woman: What’s that?

B: Um, Er, Candeee?

Woman: Oh, you want a candy? Well, I’m not sure. Your mother would have to say that it is all right.

Rocketman: She says it’s ok! She’s right over there. She said it’s fine.

Woman: Well, ok then boys. Here you go.

This was blogworthy because:

1) Bubba isn’t so shy when the stakes are high enough now is he?

and 2) What phenomenal partners in crime these two goobers make.

Love these little things.

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